International Business Center

Our Business Centre division is a tailored service solution for international companies seeking to establish presence in the GCC and MENA region. FFI targets international companies that are the forefront of cutting edge technological innovation such as web3, Artificial intelligence, Fin Tech, sustainability and medical advancement.

Our team of expertise is dedicated to work closely with our clients by providing a supportive strategy and creating road maps tailored uniquely for each company. Fast Flow international is helping to foster the growth of these companies within the GCC and contribute to the development of the Regions technological sector.

At Fast Flow international we are committed to providing all the necessary support to achieve their goals and establish a strong presence in the Region.

Our Services

  • Company Commercial Registration in Bahrain
  • Registration in Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • Approval with Central Bank
  • Directorate Of Municipality Affairs
  • Approvals for Authorized Capital increase
  • Airport pickup for our VIP guests
  • Office space with shared office staff including (Accountants, Secretary, receptionist, Office Boy, Schaeffer with a car, business development and marketing manager, administrative clerk, Legal manager, and HR manager)
  • Fully furnished2 bedroom housing for the company’s representative
  • All types of assistance including, electricity and water for both the office and the accommodation
  • Car for each company’s’ manager including maintenance of the car
  • Airport pick up for our VIP guests.
  • Personal assistant
  • Bank account Registration/Opening
  • Account Management
  • Introduction to banks and financial companies for banking facilities
  • International Financial transactions
  • Financial & investment Services/ Funds/ Bonds/ Securties
  • Tax Advisory
  • VAT Registration
  • Annual Finance Audit
  • Budget
  • Business strategic growth plan
  • Campaign management
  • Support in joint ventures
  • Company introduction to GCC
  • Access to FFI network in the region
  • Introduction to government agencies
  • Strategic guidance in investments
  • Operational guidance in manufacturing set up
  • Guidance in Financial Inquiries
  • Set up business model
  • Target marketing platform
  • Promotional tools
  • Emphasize on value proposition
  • Conversion tracking
  • Adequate data
  • Product integration
  • Marketing tools
  • Detailed assessment within each specific industry
  • Strategic competitive analysis
  • Industry outlook
  • Aiding in contracts.
  • Comparative & product testing
  • Legal representation
  • Complete process of Legal market regulatory Authority
  • Identification card
  • Visa clearance
  • Implement company licenses if needed
  • Employment contract
  • All legal processes required
  • Procurement for daily operations
  • Market shares report
  • Quality control
  • Human Resources
  • Company strategy
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Customer service
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Risk management

Our Management Team

  • Directors
  • Incubator Manager
  • Development Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Legal Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Administration Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Business Development Team


Signing of agreement
Office Set up
Lawyer authorization for company registration
Company representative accommodation
Company representative vehicle
Company representative residence permit


Company representative and FFI incubator management studying of incubated company business to be able to make a road map for the incubated company

The company representative and the incubator management to set up strategy for the incubated company for Bahrain and GCC market

Introduction of the incubated company to the market and potential clients

FFI incubator business development and marketing team to promote the company to the market and potential customers

Incubator management to qualify company to potential clients

Weekly meetings company representative and FFI incubator management to review the company progress and requirements

FFI directors network and connection will be extended to the incubated company for faster growth of the incubated company


Oil & Gas
Renewable Energy
Real Estate

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