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Downstream Oil & Gas

Fast Flow International is a specialized company in the Downstream Oil & Gas industry. With a wide range of divisions, one of their key areas of expertise is painting and blasting petroleum tanks and pressure vessels.

They also offer advanced cleaning solutions for tanks through the use of cutting-edge robotic machinery. Fast Flow utilizes the latest technology, including UHP water machines, for cold cutting tanks. Their services ensure efficient and thorough cleaning, desludging, and maintenance of tanks, providing clients with reliable and high-quality solutions.

Blasting and Coatings

Oil Storage Tanks – External and Internal lining.

Pressure Vessels

External & Internal Lining pipes


External & Internal Coating
Offshore UHP Water blasting and coating

Tank desludging and cleaning using Supersucker.

None entry tank cleaning and and desludging and using robots.

Cold Cutting using UHP water cutting technology

Tank Repair Maintenance.

Upstream Oil & Gas

Fast Flow International specializes in the supply and trading of upstream oil and gas materials and equipment in the Eastern Hemisphere markets. Fast Flow International benefits from a strong network of reputable manufactures specializing in drilling fluid additives. Specifically in the areas upstream petroleum, equipment, and materials as well as petroleum engineering.

We ensure that we provide our clients with the latest technology and innovation, delivering excellence and quality in our products and services.

Our mission is to act as a catalyst for the growth of our clients, assisting them in overcoming the increasing challenges faced in the oil and gas sector across the region.

Market Landscape: Oilfield Services

Fast Flow International has a deep knowledge, wide database and an extensive industry network to provide:-

  • Market trends in the MENA Oilfield segment.
  • Market dynamics in the MENA Oilfield segment.
  • Technology trends with country-specific customers.
  • Market size, growth, and margins in relevant segments.

For your requirements into market trends, market dynamics, country-specific studies, or segment-specific information. Contact Fast Flow International: info@fastflowgroups.com

Fast Flow International Offers

Warehousing Facilities Complex for secure storage of drilling fluid Additives inventories.

  • Specialized additives to complement the efficiencies of advanced drilling fluid systems, targeting performance-hindering downhole problems that drive up costs and threaten proposed drilling programs.

Drilling Fluids Additives:

  • Fast Flow International offers cost-saving solutions for service providers in the supply of drilling fluid additives.
  • FFI offers a range of fluid additives for oil, synthetic and water based applications, effectively addressing all down-hole challenges.
    • Non aqueous drilling fluids, offering oil-based drilling fluid systems suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • Water based drilling fluids that offer cost-effective and efficient performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Comprehensive solutions for downhole challenges, ranging from simple to complex.

  • We Provide specialized additives that enhance the efficiencies of advanced drilling fluid systems, targeting downhole problems that can increase cost and jeopardized drilling programs.

  • FFI exclusively supplies the OBM Drilchem line of wellbore integrity enhancement products, including FRASCEAL and STOPLOSS, for drilling fluids.

Tailored fluids and additives for optimal efficiency and cost reduction.

  • We provide support to world-class providers of drilling and completion fluid engineering and management services, assisting them in achieving zero discharge and waste management compliance.
  • Our services aim to minimize the HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, environment and sustainability) footprint of drilling and completion fluid operations, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Drilling Waste Management

  • Formation drilled cuttings transportation and preparation are essential for optimal drilling waste management, including potential reinjection into subsurface formations. High performance is required before, during and after operation.

Mud Cleaners

Mud cleaners efficiently, handle the entire circulating volume, removing solids almost dry and retaining premium base fluid, resulting in significant cost reduction.

Solids Control and Cuttings Management

Our advanced technologies optimize drilling efficiencies by maintaining fluid integrity, reducing fluid losses, minimizing HSSE impact, and lowering drilling costs through NP management. This includes advanced shale shakers and screen technology, new-generation centrifuge and pumps, cutting dryers, and the two-stage centrifuge system enabling reuse of invert emulsion drilling fluids over multiple wells.

We work closely with rig designers, contractors, operators, and shipyards to tailor integrated drilling and waste management configurations. Ensuring optimal fluid recovery, reduced dilution rates, minimized waste generation, and lower costs.

We are the exclusive supplier of the OBM Drilchem line, offering wellbore integrity enhancement products such as FRASCEL and STOPLOSS for drilling fluids.

Exclusive supplier of the OBM Drilchem line of wellbore integrity enhancement products FRACSEAL & STOPLOSS for drilling fluids.

FRACSEAL®proactive treatment is a proprietary solution that incorporates specially engineered organic cellulose fibers into active drilling fluid. Effectively eliminating wellbore instability, strengthening the wellbore, and preventing formation damage, ultimately leading to optimum production.

STOPLOSS® LCMpill for severe losses > 300 bph is a proprietary single sack blend of sized and shaped materials, specifically designed to effectively cure severe to total lost circulation in highly porous formations. It offers lower concentrations and volumes compared to conventional LCM formulations, making it ideal for use in highly fractured/ vugular formations without the need for other conventional LCM or cross linking additives.


FRACSEAL® Developed Based on bridging of 20/40 and 12/20 Gravel Pack Sand Porosity

FRACSEAL® The only additive that will stabilize open hole longer and reduce the number of casing strings

Filter cake effectiveness between fracseal fibers & conventional granular particles

Tubular Running Services

Rig Site Operations for Handling All Tubular Products

  • Cr Material
  • CRT tools
  • Hydraulic catwalk

Pipe Yard Services, Bucking Services, Helium Gas Testing Pre-assembly of Casing & Completion Components

The Highly Skilled Experienced Personnel and Customized Service are Part of Our Mission. We are Equipped to Function at the Rig Site, in the Pipe Yard or at Our Facility.

Innovation & Safety

The Casing Running Tool (CRT) is an innovative solution for casing running operations offering:

  • Enhanced Safety and Increased Versatility
  • Fill & Circulate Casing String while RIH
  • Rotate & Reciprocate String as Needed
  • Transfer String Weight to Travelling Block / Top Drive
  • Make-Up Connections to Recommended Torque
  • Cement String
  • Significantly Reduce the Equipment Needed for Casing Operations
  • Drawworks and Volant Models

Company Overview – Management

Group Overview – Business Métiers

Quality Management System

Management Responsibility

  • Quality Policy
  • Business Planning
  • Management Review
  • Well Site Visit

Resource Management

  • Asset Rationalization & management
  • Preventive Maintenance Planning
  • Equipment Certification and compliance
  • Personnel Training Matrix
  • Personnel Certification

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement Plan

  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Product and Process Monitor
  • Quality Improvement Team
  • Failure management
  • Efficiency Management KPI

Product Realization

  • Customer Requirement Management
  • Advance Product Quality Planning
  • Process Validation for Production
  • Process Validation for service
  • Process control
  • Identification and Traceability
  • Management of Change

Board Members

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